Terms of use:

  1. Cancellations are allowed up until 48 hours of the reservation time. Cancellations after that time will be charged in full.
  2. We charge $10 per hour for the use of the room, payable upon arrival. (this fee is waived for members and collaborative partners)
  3. The room should be left as it was found, furniture, lights, trash HVAC etc should be addressed before leaving.
  4. Excessive noise is prohibited, please be respectful of our neighbors.
  5. Please detail any special requests such as A/V etc in the booking form.
  6. Instructions: Simply click on your starting time and then fill out the form, be sure to fill in the appropriate duration.
  7. Download and complete the form linked to in your confirmation email within 24 hours or your hold on the room will be removed.
  8. Your booking is NOT COMPLETE until you send us the signed form!


  1. If a block is shaded then the room is already in use during that time.
  2. Rescheduling - Please refer to your confirmation email, there is a link to cancel or reschedule at the very bottom
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